Here at The Lake of the Ozarks and other areas near me I repair all brands of personal watercraft. The three main ones are Seadoo, Yamaha, and Kawasaki. I will also do normal regular maintenance on 4 stroke outboard motors. Sorry I don't do service calls to docks any longer but for winterizing. You get better proper service at any shop than on the water service including cheaper for everyone

I do a lot of Yamaha 800 and 1200's and know of the main failure these have. If you have one and want to do some preventative maintenance before you loose an engine then come see me. If you already ruined an engine of any brand come see me as I can save you money & get it fixed right the first time

If you don't want to fix your ski I would be interested in buying it. Any 4 stroke model, Seadoo 3 seaters, Yamaha waverunner 3 seaters, Kawasaki 3 seaters, the Seadoo LRV and the Yamaha SUV. Also any Seadoo or Yamaha Jet Boats. Plus I will buy pwc, boat, and about any kind of trailer you want to part with.

Repair I no longer do as of 1-1-2019. Please call/text before leaving any ski:

- Any polaris

- Any Tigershark

- Any Honda

- Any stand ups

- 1995 and older skis. Some 1996 and 1997 seadoos

- Any Kawasaki DI

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